Tropical Penthouse

Ubicado en Escazú, San José, Costa Rica

Structural Engineering: Ingenieros Estructurales Consultores Asociados
Principal Architect: Marlo Trejos



Tropical Penthouse

Within the 6th floor of a mix-use project, located in the urban setting of Avenida Escazú in San José, Costa Rica, Marlo Trejos Arquitectos built a penthouse residence that seeks to bring the tropics intoits living spaces. The dwelling is defined by an open plan design, where the social area-living room, dining and kitchen-work as one space. A solid volume concentrates the service area, containing the kitchen work space, toilette, laundry room and maiden room, allowing the living room to extend into the terrace and garden. Wide sliding glass doors soften the relationship between the inside and the outside, admitting ample natural lighting. The project considers San José ́s climate and therefore was designed to generate natural cross ventilation, with no need for cooling systems all year round.

The vertical garden located in the main living room, accentuates the feeling and integration of the tropical natural elements within the use of passive climatic elements like eaves that overhang, protecting the spaces from the excessive radiation and rainwater, typical of the tropics. The owners ́ passion for reading, reveals itself in the design through the built -in library that provides the smooth transition between the social and private spheres. The residence is designed to hold up to three dormitories, however, due to the fact that the family has only one child, there are currently two very comfortable larger bedrooms. The master suite is composed of a dormitory, a master bathroom and a multipurpose room that provides the relaxing environment a couple needs, along with the possibility of using the room as a recreational or homeoffice.

The secondary bedroom was designed under the concept of a modifiable and personalized space, where currently the 12 year – old lives in a double – height loft. As the years go on and the child grows up, the use of the mezzanine and the room becomes adaptable to her needs. Both dormitories have direct access to their own private balcony. The objective of this project was to confront the idea of an urban lifestyle with the integration of a lush tropical landscape and climate, creating a harmonious relationship between them. The design, sided by the reinterpretation of vernacular architecture, establishes an alternative for a new way of life in tropical cities
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