• Frame: plantation teak from East-Java, every part is handpicked during the cutting process of the tree
• Seat & back: plaited Canax® straps (polyester coated with a mix of solution dyed PVC and natural hemp). UV-, rot and
mildew resistant
• Hardware: 316L electropolished stainless steel
• Table: tabletops of 99 x 99 cm can be attached to each other with 304L powdercoated stainless steel support bars to create the table length of your liking

Filling in dryfoam which has an open cell structure, so air can circulate freely. Water passes through the filling, but dries quickly thanks to the large open pores, substantially inhibiting fungal growth. Fabrics available in category D, E & F.

Vis a vis rocking chair


The chairs of the Vis à vis collection all combine ergonomic seating comfort with a natural look. Check out the rounded corners of the teak frame and the airy Canax® weave in one continuing flowing line from the seat to the back. The weather-proof Canax® straps are made with natural hemp and give these chairs a very natural, harmonious look. The lounger on the other hand, has an integrated tabletop, made of square slats and is designed in a way that two sunbeds fit into each other. These square slats are continued in the design of the dining tables. By repeating its one modular element, you can make a table as long as you want.


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