• Frame: 304 stainless steel, powdercoated with an ultra durable polyester coating
• Upholstery: braiding with EPDM foam mousse in a knitted sheath of Tricord (polyolefine) and textilene. UV-, rot and
mildew resistant. Tested in Xenon tester 2500 hours, QUV tester 2500 hours and 1 year real weather test in Belgium
and Singapore
• Seat: Batyline®
• Table top: ceramic on glass.

The filling has a cover in a laminated, water-repellent polypropylene material which prevents water from penetrating. The thread used to stitch the seams swells when getting wet, preventing water from penetrating through the seams. Moreover, the seams are protected on the inside with an extra covering. If nevertheless water should penetrate, the material is breathable, letting moisture out to prevent moulding. Fabrics available in category D, E & F.

Tosca Chair


The Tosca collection is simultaneously warm and inviting, stylish and intriguing. An elegant seating shell in powdercoated stainless steel is upholstered with extra-large, vertical braiding.The braiding material is genuinely innovative : foam mousse is encased in a seamless sheath of knitted textilene and polyolefine which makes the material weather-resistant, but also surprisingly soft to touch. The seating comfort is especially pleasant thanks to the comfortable outdoor cushions.

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