Lightened concrete is a mix of mineral granulates and organic fibres without resins. Unlike ordinary concrete, it doesn’t contain gravel which makes it a lot lighter. The lightened concrete is coloured in the mass, with a subtle variation of shades, unique to every table. Each furniture piece is hand-finished by an Italian craftsman, giving it a unique patina and a smooth surface texture.
Although strong and with a low porosity, lightened concrete is a natural product and sensitive to stains. Despite the fact that we treat our tables with a concrete conditioner that reduces stains and moisture absorption, some caution is required, as with natural stone and marble.
Therefore we invite you to carefully read the maintenance instructions.

Tao dining table


The elegant TAO table collection is a lesson in perfectly balanced contrasts – bold sculptural pedestals and slim table tops that are pleasing to the touch. Italian designer Monica Armani has used lightened concrete to give a look of elegant solidity to this dining and coffee table. The dining table has a central pedestal, which supports a finely milled round table top. The coffee table plays tricks with symmetry by setting the finely milled square table top off centre. The TAO tables come in warm, natural linen and wengé tones to create striking centrepieces for any setting.


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