In wood padded with variable-density polyurethane foam.
The upper part is cover tiwh 100% cotton cloth which contains washed
and sterilized goose feather, divided into sections.
The seats is sprung with elastics straps reinforced with polypropylene.
The backs are in curved plywood, padded with variable-density polyurethane foam,
and coverd with polyester-backend velveteen, and featrue a glossy chrome finish steel base.

4cm high in black ABS.

The back cushions are filled with washed and sterilized goose wodn quilted
into sections and covered with white 100% cotton fabric.




From the creativity of Sergio Bicego comes Pixel sofa, featuring a series of elements that can be freely combined, thanks to an exclusive connector created by Saba Italia. In this way the arm- and backrests can be removied from the bases to form endless new arrangements. The feather-padded seat cushions feature special quilted cover which highlight the limitless possibillities from mixing the fabrics in the Saba Collection to create a new and unique sofa every time. Thanks to the disctinctive shape of the black- and arm-rests, the overall widht and depth of the sofa are surprinsingly samll, without penalizaing its handsime good looks. Pixel sofa has been carefully, ergonomically designed to provide the maximim comfort in a highly refined and stylish product. Fully removable covers.


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