Tropical Penthouse

Located in Escazú, San José, Costa Rica.

Structural Engineer: Ingenieros Estructurales Consultores Asociados
Principal Architect: Marlo Trejos



Tropical Penthouse

Within the 6th floor of a mix-use project, located in the urban setting of Avenida Escazú in San José, Costa Rica, Marlo Trejos Arquitectos built a penthouse residence that seeks to bring the tropics intoits living spaces. The dwelling is defined by an open plan design, where the social area-living room, dining and kitchen-work as one space. The objective of this project was to confront the idea of an urban lifestyle with the integration of a lush tropical landscape and climate, creating a harmonious relationship between them. The design, sided by the reinterpretation of vernacular architecture, establishes an alternative for a new way of life in tropical cities

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