• Legs: plantation teak from East-Java, every part is handpicked during the cutting process of the tree
• Seat shell: weave in Tricord® on an aluminium frame. The seat shells can be replaced individually. Tricord consists of
an indestructible polyester core and an outside covering of weather resistant polyolefin. It is the ultimate combination
of the strength of polyester and the natural look and feel of polyolefin: strong on the inside, soft on the outside. Tricord
is exclusively designed for Tribù and is UV- and rot resistant

The filling has a cover in a laminated, water-repellent polypropylene material which prevents water from penetrating. The thread used to stitch the seams swells when getting wet, preventing water from penetrating through the seams. Moreover, the seams are protected on the inside with an extra covering. If nevertheless water should penetrate, the material is breathable, letting moisture out to prevent moulding. Fabrics available in category D, E & F.



Elio, referring to the Greek sun god Helios and designed by Canadian design firm Yabu Pushelberg, is inspired by the motion of light as it reflects and refracts on landscapes and objects. Multiple soft shades of yarn are woven into one strand, which mimics the hues of natural light and makes each chair unique. The handwoven seat in weather-resistant Tricord rope, draws inward to create a warm, intimate cocoon effect. The lounge chair is framed by natural teak, which supports the seating shell primarily through the back legs that cross the shell.


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