Jader Almeida

Jader Almeida’s pieces make themselves known in layers. 

Jader Almeida Commanding the materialization of his projects with a strategic view in a complex and extensive line of furniture and objects, Jader Almeida allies the most advanced furniture serial manufacturing system to the finest and irreplaceable treatment of manual finishing. Jader Almeida’s pieces make themselves known in layers. Each may be savored slowly. Taken as a pure form, a project in search of beauty, its design is remarkable, with thin fluid lines, soft curves, bowed intersections, a delicate balance at the very brink of physics and repeating geometrical themes. If you approach the finished piece, you see the effect it produces in the surrounding space, the harmony between the components, the color chart, the elegant combination of materials. Coming closer, the thing that most astounds is its soothing invitation to the touch of the hands and body, the generosity of its lines imparts comfort. Coming even closer, you will witness the ingenuity of the finishing touches. Perfectly constructed details in an equation so challenging that the density of each component supports the utmost possible weight to maintain its slender form, preserving the utmost possible lightness. «I create pieces, not to play a main role in the space, but to play supporting roles. My design is the fruit of extreme labor of projected simplification and, at the same time, from the point of view of production, my pieces are very detailed». (text by Mara Gama)

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